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Drawings in a notebook for sketching (80 photos)

    The photo gallery is a huge collection of notebook drawings, ideal for sketching. In this article you will find no less than 80 bright and inspiring photographs that will not leave you indifferent. Take a look at the amazing details and interesting compositions to get inspired to create your own piece of art. Dive into this photo gallery and enjoy the beautiful work!

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    Pencil drawing of a man on a notepad
    Gabriel Piccolo 365
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    Bullet Journal mood tracker December
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    Girl with notepad and pencil
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    Drawing on a coffee cup with a marker
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    Sketchbook. Anime
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    Making a personal diary
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    Animal eye sketch
    Drawing by dots in a notepad
    Inspirational drawings
    Sketchbook for drawing
    Aesthetic sketchbook
    Original cover for sketchbook
    Sketches for the diary
    Sketchbook by artist Lena Limkina
    Grab a notebook in the shower
    Sketches of tattoos for drawing in pencil
    Drawing on craft paper
    Elena Limkina sketchbook
    Small drawings for a sketchbook
    Ideas for drawings
    Kerby Rosanes
    Easy drawings for sketching in a sketchbook
    Simple drawings for a diary
    Personal diary Harry Potter ideas
    Cartoon characters sketchbook
    Drawings for the model’s sketchbook
    Sketchbook decorations
    Scrapbooking in a sketchbook
    Ideas for drawing in a sketchbook
    Simple drawings for a sketchbook with Quotes