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Drawings of the city for sketching (70 photos)

    This article presents an extensive gallery of 70 photographs, which is dedicated to drawings of the city intended for sketching. An endless stream of inspiration awaits you, because here you will find many magnificent photos and paintings of various types of street landscapes, buildings, bridges and other characteristic elements of urban architecture. Get ready to experience the amazing world of city life and browse a gallery that will inspire you!

    City in pencil
    City with felt-tip pens
    Cityscape in pencil
    City drawing
    Drawing city
    Simple drawings of Abakan cities
    Drawing on the theme of the city
    Street in pencil
    Sketch city
    Frontal perspective city park
    Landscape in tram graphics
    Perspective in Drawing for Kids
    Cityscape with colored pencils
    Linear perspective for children
    Drawing our city
    Perspective drawing ideas
    Italy sketches watercolor
    Painted roofs of houses
    Alley in perspective
    Watercolorists of France
    Perspective in Drawing for Kids
    Painting New York watercolor
    Drawing my street
    Seoul in watercolor
    Seoul sketch
    Bruges watercolor
    Peter and Paul Fortress drawing for children
    Sketch of the city
    Golden Gate Bridge vector
    Cityscape with tram
    13-0547-Ge photo wallpaper Decocode Prague 13025
    Artist Grzegorz Wrobel
    Ukhnalev Evgeniy Ilyich paintings
    Fishing village Kaliningrad watercolor
    Walt Disney Palace art
    Landscape with perspective for children
    House in watercolor
    City of the future in perspective
    Painting city street for preschoolers
    Sketch architecture Vatican
    Angular perspective in painting
    Simple architectural landscape
    City drawing
    Cityscape simple
    Modern city illustration
    City drawing
    Spasskaya Tower Kazan Kremlin drawing
    Alexander Bolotov paintings Paris
    Fontanka watercolor
    Drawing of a safe road to school
    Fountain park VGS Volzhsky drawing
    Art city with colors
    Children’s drawings of St. Petersburg
    Gouache drawing of a building
    Paris drawing
    City iso
    City pencil drawing
    Jan Fennelly Amsterdam paintings
    New York center park oil paintings
    Mateus Urbanovich
    Park in pencil
    Dmitry Sazhnov artist
    Pencil drawings
    Cityscape with colors
    Sketch watercolor street reference Lidiya Nureyeva
    City of the future drawing
    Fairytale milk town
    Afremov paintings park bridge
    Angular perspective of a street in color
    Metro bridge on Smolenskaya embankment in paintings by artists