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Drawings with compasses for sketching (52 photos)

    This gallery features 52 photographs of drawings created using compasses. Here you will find many unique and inspiring pictures that can be used as a source for sketching. If you want to diversify your art practice and go beyond the usual shapes and lines, then be sure to check out this gallery! Let’s discover the world of drawing with compasses together in all its amazing manifestations. We invite you to watch and get inspired!

    Drawing with a compass
    Patterns of circles with compasses
    Ornament in a square
    Circle pattern
    Circle and compass
    Pictures from compasses
    Spirograph Original
    Pentagram drawing in pencil
    Interesting geometry
    Sacred Geometry Melchizedek
    Three circles inscribed in a circle
    Semi-angular star
    Drawings of animals from circles
    Sketches of a circle in perspective
    Create your own flower design
    Drawing a circle by hand
    Circle by cells without a compass
    Drawing ideas 6th grade
    Celtic triquetra symbol
    Compass made of pencils
    Drawings related to geography
    Draw a circle of any radius
    Academic drawing plaster rosette
    Circle on graph paper compass
    Cube drawing
    How to draw a star exactly
    3D star with compasses
    Patterns by cells in a notebook
    Orange cut in pencil
    Perpendicular 90 degrees
    Divide the ball into 6 equal parts
    4 Elements fire water air earth
    Round triangle
    Jupiter in pencil
    Drawing a ball
    Draw two circles
    Simple drawings for sketching Smeshariki
    School rulers and protractors vector
    Karambit knife drawing standoff 2
    Circle with pencil
    Soviet mosaics with compass and triangle
    Architect’s tools
    Oval with thread
    Easy Princess Drawing for Kids
    How to use a compass and ruler to construct a perpendicular to a straight line
    Sunflower sketch
    Drawing a hare in the senior group
    Compass and ruler
    Krosh drawing in pencil
    Construct an angle equal to 120 degrees
    How to draw a star exactly