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Wax pencil drawings for sketching (73 photos)

    In this article you will find a gallery of photographs with drawings created with wax pencils for sketching. 73 colorful photos are waiting for you, depicting amazing works of art. Examine each painting in detail to enjoy their unique beauty and technique. Get inspired by this collection and maybe want to try your hand at drawing with wax pencils. Don’t miss the chance to appreciate the talent of artists and look at the world through the eyes of their drawings.

    Crayon drawings on paper
    Wax crayon paintings
    Drawing with artistic pastels
    Palm tree with crayons
    Stabilo wax crayons Yippy-Wax 24 colors
    Strokes with colored pencils
    Ideas for drawing with wax crayons
    Pastel drawings
    Sunset with oil pastels
    Portrait with wax crayons
    Sea of ​​wax crayons
    Animals with wax crayons
    Drawing with crayons on canvas
    Wax crayons paintings
    Drawings on the free theme
    Oil pastel and eraser drawing
    Drawing apples with pastels
    Rainbow with wax crayons
    Simple drawings with wax crayons
    Butterfly with wax crayons
    Drawing with wax crayons Owl
    Pastel drawings for beginners easy stars
    Melted wax crayons painting
    Wax crayon
    Drawing with pastels for beginners
    Crayon paintings
    Drawing with pastel crayons
    Pastel for drawing
    Jellyfish pastel
    Drawings with wax crayons
    Drawing with wax crayons for children
    Drawing with wax crayons and watercolors
    Wax paper crayons
    Pastel drawing for children
    Pastel drawings for beginners easy
    Rainbow with wax crayons
    Tree for drawing
    Wax pencils
    Drawing with colored chalks
    Drawing with oil chalks
    Drawing on a wax sheet
    Toucan oil pastel
    Birds in gouache
    Drawing with crayons
    Drawing with crayons on paper
    Drawing with wax crayons
    Drawing with crayons on paper
    Drawing with wax crayons on paper
    Drawing flowers with oil pastels
    Oil pastel paintings by John Elliott.
    Turtle gouache
    Pastel drawing for children
    Unusual wax crayons
    Pastel flowers for children
    Applications from wax pencils
    Oil pastel flowers for beginners
    Drawing with wax crayons on paper
    Irises in oil pastels
    Watercolor pencils
    Pastel for drawing
    Drawing on the theme of autumn
    Drawing fish in the senior group
    Summer drawing
    Toucan oil pastel
    Drawing with wax crayons
    Landscape with colored pencils
    Wax crayons drawings of cats
    Wax crayons paintings
    Paints with pencils and crayons
    Draw rainbow hearts
    Wax pencils for drawing
    Drawing with dry pastels for children
    Frottage painting technique